This pattern is available for C$7.00 CAD Buy it now! A walk in the woods is a cool reprieve from the heat of the summer sun. In its cool caverns plant life bursts forth, reaching for the dappling sun. I … Continue reading

Birken Beauty

This pattern is available for C$6.00 CAD Buy it now! The Rocky Mountains are home to free spirits who have left city life to spend days working the land and nights dancing in the moonlight. The Birken Beauty grows her … Continue reading


This pattern is available for C$6.00 CAD   Buy it now! Creeping tendrils of purple vetch knotted among the tall grass are a welcome snack for passing cows and little girls put out to pasture for the day. As a … Continue reading

Walkover Wrap

This pattern is available for C$5.99 CAD buy it now Walkover (wawk-oh-ver): Noun; A walking or trotting over the course by a contestant who is the only starter; an unopposed or easy victory; any task easily done… such as the … Continue reading

Mild May Ripple Cowl

This pattern is available for C$4.99. The Mild May Ripple Cowl can be styled so many ways! Wear it down across your shoulders and accented with your favorite broach for a great summer evening cover-up; Wear it long and glamorous … Continue reading

GGGG’s Fabulous Fiber Frenzy Seeking Donations

Do you have a bunch of yarn in your stash that you just aren’t going to use? Perhaps you have additional hobbies in your life, like quilting and sewing, and there is just too much in that crafting closet! Guelph Go Go Grandmothers want to help…and for a great cause, too! Stash down and donate to their Fabulous Fiber Frenzy….AND then, GO TO THE SALE TO BUY MORE!!!!!!!

All proceeds benefit http://www.stephenlewisfoundation.org/.