Bunny Love: Angora Rabbits at the Royal

The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario has long been one of my favorite yearly events. The farms of surrounding areas invade the Exhibition Grounds downtown to show off the best of their beasts and schmooze with colleagues and city folk alike. I love to visit all the animals and dream of my future menagerie. This year was no exception, as I have added a new item to my ever-growing farm wish list: The Angora Rabbit! I was lucky enough to arrive just in time for judging!

Preparing for Judging!

Me Next! This White Satin had quite a personality and was not satisfied keeping his head in the box!

The judge runs her hands over the rabbit to get a sense of its overall volume. She runs her hands around his joints to feel the depth of hair, uniformity and thickness. These rabbits love to be touched as they are all used to regular grooming!

My new friend!

Should I take one home? Angora Rabbits are perfect for fiber farming in the city… They can live both indoors or in a barn and don’t require too much space. But don’t be fooled! They require a strict grooming regiment and can get very sick with “wool block” ( yep, that’s what it sounds like) if neglected. I’m not sure my cat would know quite what to think of a bunny! He’d probably think it was a giant pom pom!

I could knit that!

Here’s a local Angora Rabbit Farmer to help me out! Lena of Maple Glen Angoras sells me two balls of handspun from her lovely beasts!

I can’t wait to knit…and plot my plan to convince my partner and my roommate that we need a fuzzy addition to the house! If you are thinking about getting a bunny, check out this site for some sage advice: :http://www.angorarabbit.com/angora/angora-rabbit-manual/index.htm

Ashley Kearns, “The Slow Knitter”

P.S. I was sick in bed with the flu this week and knit a lovely pair of white mitts out of baby alpaca trimmed with the gray angora…Pics to come!



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