The “Green Goddess” for Americo Original

I wanted to share with you my latest project for Americo Original. If you’ve ever been into their beautiful store at 456 Queen Street in Toronto, you may have seen their sample garments that are available to touch and try on. Americo has a beautiful line of timeless fashion patterns for the hand knitter, available only with their yarns. I have been knitting their sample garments for a few seasons now and my stash is full of high quality natural fibers from this great company. Natural, wonderful colour ranges and weight selection, they have something for nearly any project. Americo is the place to buy yarn for an amazing knitting experience and to make a garment that you will actually wear all the time!

This center-out counterpane shawl is made from Americo Original’s new lace weight yarn, Linen Cordon. The linen silk and cotton blend shines in two simple lace motifs; linear columns of eyelets inset with trellis panels and edging. The final shawl will measure approximately 1.5 meters squared and can be worn fold in half diagonally as a triangle shawl or folded as a scarf. This is a special knit, a heirloom object that will last for generations- Makes a great wedding or baby gift! It would be lovely knit out of the Pima Lace (cotton) or the new Sedoso (Alpaca/silk/cashmere blend) too! Pattern will be available from Americo Original with purchase of yarn by June 2012.

The linen cordon is a strong and light yarn, perfect for summer shawl. It is a blend of cotton, silk and linen. It is very slippery, so knitting on bamboo needles is recommended.
The center cast-on. There are 8 increase stitches every second row at the 4 corners of the square- see the increase points traveling out from the center?
The first of the trellis lace insets.
The entire shawl so far. As it is knit on a long circular needle, it is difficult to show the piece in its entirety.

Keep Knitting- The rounds are getting longer!

I have enjoyed watching this shawl grow from the center out- I have been calling it “The Green Goddess” ….or “The Green Monster”! The work currently looks very scrunched up, as lace generally does before blocking. I can’t wait to bind off and block it to its full size! Pictures of the Goddess to come!

Happy Knitting!


Today’s tip: Items that start from the center out are usually knitted using 4 or 5 double pointed needles until the work is large enough to be switched to a short circular. From there, projects like this counterpane shawl often require a range of circular needle lengths to carry all those stitches! One way to reduce the number of needles you may require for a project like this one is to learn “Magic Loop”. This is a technique that utilizes a long circular to knit small circumferences. Using this technique, you can knit 4 sts all the way to 400 on a circular needle! No Kidding! Check out this video at



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