Feeding my habit…

I’ve had this on my calendar all year! The Textile Museum of Canada in Toronto (55 Center ave) has a yearly “garage sale” for the fiber enthusiast! Everything you can imagine: draperies, needlework (new and half finished ), books, yarn, and all manner of crafty things to inspire!

How great is this sale? The yarns are donated from retailers and anyone, so it’s a real mixed bag. Lots of good stuff for really cheap, but you have to be willing to dig. I’ve found sock yarn, beaded yarn (with amethyst -$8 for 2 balls), silk sari yarn, chenille, phentex (eek!) , white buffalo roving yarn, it goes on. Everything is in a little tent on tables, with garbage bags underneath. There people with babies and walkers and elbows are flying. It gets pretty aggressive in there, but mostly polite as everyone is just so very determined to find what they have come for.

Last year, I bought a entire cable coat’s worth of real irish oiled wool for 18 bucks- it came with a partially knit cabled sweater front that was knit so tight, it looked like could get up and walk away on its own!

More recently, I met a fellow sale-goer who had bought the most beautiful floral print needlepoint canvas, a pillow cover, I think. It was a Kaffe Fasset design, 1989- beauty! She told me she paid only 8 dollars for it!

I have woken up early to catch the 7:30 commuter GO train to Toronto from Guelph. Arriving a little after 9, I will have plenty of time to get into line an hour before the sale starts. Early bird catches the merino…



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