Show and Tell

At Americo wearing Claire’s Swing Coat

I have been in an absolute storm of creativity and knitting madness. I featured an Americo design in a previous post about textures and promised an update. Here is my finished sample of Claire’s Swing Coat in Americo Aran ( 50% wool and 50% llama). This design featured the neatest pockets knitted into the front panels! This is a feature that I hope to incorporate into a future design. It was a speed knit, too- Nice squishy waffle stitch on a 6.5mm….It took me 3 days, I couldn’t put it down!

I also completed a two new original designs- The Shell Edge Tank has been my go-to bathing suit cover ups the past couple of weeks. Here it is modeled by Shannon, my partner’s brother’s wife- (my “sister in law”?) We had amazing day at a friend’s property in the middle of farmland; Big lawn; inflatable pool; and a fast freight train that goes by every two hours! We played “Frolf” ( frisbee golf) from one end of the property to the other; down the hill, under the railway bridge. follow the river and hit the picnic bench by the road….And then, all the way back again! I admit, I played once and preferred to take some knitting time in the shade on the second round!

Shell Edge Tank

The Shell Edge Tank pattern has yet to be written up, but it will be available at my Ravelry store soon. The second original design I recently completed is done, but not yet photographed. I will leave it a mystery ( look in previous post for a teaser).

I am also about to debut TWO new shawl patterns. Cork Street Reversible Shawl and Gordon Street Geometric Shawl is in testing phases right now. They will be available by August 15th at my Ravelry store.

If you would like a closer look at my work, check me out on Ravelry or my Flickr Page. Both are updated regularly.

Knit On,

Cork Street Reversible Shawl

Gordon Street Geometric Shawl



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