Knitting: Then and Now, July 22-26, 2013


Come join me for a whole week of knitting fun at the Wellington Museum and Archive in Elora, Ontario! The following is a more detailed outline of what we will be doing.  Please note that schedule is subjected to change… But we will have fun no matter what!

Local Designer Ash Kearns facilitates this week long session for knitters of ALL LEVELS (please see minimum requirement below). Whether you are a newer knitter building your skills or a more experienced knitter honing their “best practice” stitching, this course is a relaxing opportunity to progress in your craft with new friends in a fantastic setting.  
Daily workshops will be based around core knitting skills, with optional small knit-along projects that could be completed in class time.  The following topics will be covered:
  • Knitting styles
  • Increases and Decreases
  • Gauge 101
  • How to chose the right yarn for your project
  • Circular knitting
  • Small accessories such as socks and mittens
  • Cable and lace knitting
  • Reading patterns and charts
  • Finishing skills
Workshops will demonstrate both basic and advanced techniques and will be approximately two hours per day. 
You will enjoy outings around Wellington that explore the bounty of knitting opportunities the county has to offer.  Visit a local yarn shop, with customized yarn shopping assistance, and you will be excited about your next project!  Learn about local fiber production with a visit to Wellington Fibers, a local wool mill and angora goat farm. Take a peek at the some of the knitting-related artifacts in the museum’s collection and discover more about the history of Ontario’s wool industry and knitting as a part of war efforts.  
Each day will have a few hours of free knitting time to relax on the museum grounds.  Individual and small group attention will be provided at this time.  While skill-building patterns are suggested, participants can knit whatever they like.  This is a great opportunity to start a challenging project you’ve been waiting to cast-on or to continue one that has you stumped!
Be inspired by the company of fellow knitters, the excitement of learning new skills and the beauty of summer in Wellington!
Minimum requirement:  Participants must be able to cast-on, knit, purl, and cast off. 
For the first day, please bring:
Please note that participants will visit a yarn store at the beginning of the second day. 
·           US 8 (5 mm) needle
·           A piece of knitting that means something to you.  It could be a family heirloom, something that you are proud of or a selection of wool waiting for an idea.
·           Your knitting essentials and/or your current project (optional)
Course Outline:
Please note that YARN will be provided on the first day. 
Meet and Greet.  Participants are invited to bring a piece of knitting that means something to them and tell us about it. It could be a family heirloom, something that you are proud of or a selection of wool waiting for an idea. Participants will also discuss their goals for the week.
Overview of week.  Ash will have a trunk show of knitted samples for skill-building patterns for the week.   These patterns tie into themes and skills covered in the workshops.  They are SUGGESTIONS only.  Participants can choose to knit whatever they like over the week.
Lesson 1: Getting Started. 
“What did your mother teach you?”  Participants will learn more about their knitting style and styles from around the world.
Mystery Knit-Along. Participants will all knit along with a basic pattern with cast-on, increase, decrease and bind off.  This will be the only project that will be a recommended knit.  Participants will have a small finished project to take home on the first day or it will be a part of a larger project later in the week.
Field Trip. Participants will meet at All Strung Out Fine Yarns in Guelph to learn about gauge and about buying yarn.
Lesson 2: Gauge 101 and How to Buy Yarn
Participants will do a short swatching exercise and learns the basic of getting gauge.  They will work together as “yarn sleuths” to learn about choosing the right yarn for a project.  Participants will have the opportunity to purchase supplies for suggested skill-building patterns or a project of their choosing.
*Free knitting time.  Knitting project start-up, opportunity for individual or small group attention.
Lesson Three: Working in the round and Small Accessories
Participants will learn the finer points of knitting small accessories such as mittens and socks.  Circular knitting, both old and new techniques (such as magic loop) will be practiced.  Lesson will focus on war knitting theme and pattern examples will be historical.
Field Trip. Visit to the Museum knitting collection.   Participants will enjoy a talk about local knitting history.
*Free knitting time
Lesson 4: Cables, Lace and Textures
Participants will learn the basics of cable knitting and lace, with a focus on reading (and even writing!) charts.  How specific fibers interact with stitch patterns will also be discussed.
*Free knitting time
Field Trip. Participants to Wellington Fibers, a working wool mill and angora goat farm located minutes from Elora.
Participants will learn more about “buying local” and have the opportunity to purchase yarn from the farm store.
Lesson 5: Finishing Techniques
Participants will be invited to bring in unfinished projects with daunting finishing required.  Best practice finishing skills, such as picking up stitches, different kinds of seams, and grafting will be demonstrated.
Lunch Celebration: Knitter’s Picnic and Yarn Bomb.  Participants will have a potluck and debrief their week together.  They will be invited to participate in a “modern” knitting tradition of yarn bombing, adding beauty to the museum grounds.
*Free knitting time


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