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This unique piece was created when trying to find a use for a very small amount of beaver fur yarn. Chaplet Earmuff Crown is my favorite piece of headwear for its warmth, practicality and fit over nearly any hairstyle. When not being worn, it is a mysterious item; When worn it is an attractive cross between headband, hat and crown, evoking a medieval aesthetic.

Fiber choice is important for this project. Bands require a double knitting weight yarn with substantial elasticity to resist stretching over time (my well-worn Chaplet earmuffs still fit perfectly!); high non-superwash wool content is best. Real fur yarn may be challenging to source, but can be substituted with a thick brushed alpaca, multiple strands if necessary.

Approx. 150 yards of DK weight yarn of a fiber with some elasticity, like wool. Cotton/silk/linen blends will not work for this project.
Approx. 25g of Paula Lishman International Sheared Beaver Fur Yarn or about 50 yards of Super bulky fur-like yarn. Nylon/acrylic fun fur will not be as warm as animal fiber.
3.5mm (US5) Set of double pointed needles (DPNs)
Cable needle
Wool needle

Skills Used: Cabling, knitting in the round using DPNs

Gauge (test by knitting sample of band):
16 sts cable repeat (width of bands)=
1-1/4 inches (3cm) unstretched /
6 rows (one cable pattern repeat) = 3/4 inch (2cm)

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