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Fern Resort, Orillia, Ontario April 2014


YarnOver SleepOver 2014 was a roaring success!

April 11-14th this year, a bunch of stitchers assembled at the Fern Resort in Orillia, Ontario for a weekend of learning and laughter!  In it’s second year, the YarnOver SleepOver retreat is an event that I co-organize with a group of fiber professionals. And it’s about MORE than knitting!  Each year, we have a diverse array of classes, which include such fiber crafts as machine knitting, tunisian crochet and yarn hand dyeing.

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Unloading Shelridge Yarns for the Marketplace with Lyn.


New Nana Trish shows off the baby pics in the arrival lounge.


So cute!

With 27 attendees this year, the Fern Resort is amazing at accommodating our needs.  The hospitality, service and the FOOD were all fabulous!  At YarnOver SleepOver,  our cozy lounge and marketplace on the main floor is the hub of the social activities ( and fiber purchase enabling). Retreaters had the opportunity to browse beautiful yarn, patterns (inclduing downloads from Patternfish)  notions and accessories all weekend in the comfort of their pajamas!


The Marketplace of goodies, available at nearly any hour!


Highlights included Friday night’s “Speed Dating”.  Retreaters were put into teams and went “dating” new techniques and crafts.  I gave a successful crash course in “speed frogging”, demonstrating my best tricks for ripping back and remounting stitches.  We all enjoyed meeting each other and breaking the ice, as well as getting a taste of a new craft or having our first “aha!” moment of the weekend ( one of many to come, no doubt).


Admiring and inspiring!



Mary Pat is amazed at a retreater’s “In the Pink” Shawl.

Saturday night was our annual “Fashion Share”.  Retreaters modeled their accomplishments in high style!


Lena shows off another brioche creation.


Multi-tasking at the fashion share. Yes, you can even knit at the dinner table, too!


Jonty won best model for her high energy “rushing” cat walk!

April 2014 091

Barbara Walker’s Sampler Afghan by Betty. Wow. Just. Wow.

My class attendees, while many at different knitting levels, were all an eager bunch!  Every participant was very successful in learning the magic loop technique (Are they done with DPNs, I do not know). Lace Knitting Exposed was a chart-reading eye-opener for many.  It was wonderful to have beginner and experienced knitters in attendance- Take note: YarnOver SleepOver is for ALL kinds of stitchers!


Speed frogging is easier that is might seem!

I also had the opportunity to try Handdyeing with Lym Gemmell of Shelridge Yarns.  I was a bit messy with the process and owed a few apoligies for stray dye splatter by the end of it.  I think I might leave handdyeing to the experts for the most part, but it was great to understand how to do it myself. Now, how long I can keep myself away from another related fiber craft, like spinning, remains to be seen.

April 2014 088

Freshly painted hand dyed yarns! I’d like to try this again at home, where I can get really messy.

So much creativity, so much fun!  Only 20 minutes into the weekend, a chat and sample petting session with machine knitter Monika Stramaglia had me eager to get out my machine the second I got home!

I am still agog at all the inspiration running through me from YarnOver SleepOver 2014!



YarnOver SleepOver Team 2015


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