Scaffold Square


WEAR your SQUARE!!!!

The Scaffold Square is an amazing knitted object that can become SO many things! When unbuttoned, it is a simple square featuring an easy garter stripe motif. Strategically placed buttonholes and buttons along the border give the Scaffold Square its transformative abilities. Knit it up in your favorite luxury worsted weight yarn or choose a synthetic blend for rougher wear and tear. Square is given in three sizes.

Scaffold Square is worked from the center-out in the round and is completed with a wide garter border and an i-cord bind-off. Center-out is a fun way to work and makes for long,relaxing rounds in knit and purls. Instructions include the one-row buttonhole and additional tips for working center-out in the round. If you’ve never knit anything center-out, this is an ideal first-time project!

The Scaffold Square transforms into various cardigans, shrugs, wraps and shawl styles. There are so many possibilities. Use it as a blanket to wrap your wee one, an instant picnic spot or your go-to “Snuggie” in a chilly house. See the ravelry pattern page for a few styling ideas to get you started and follow Ash Kearns Handknitting online for more options!

You will discover so many ways to WEAR and USE your Scaffold Square!

Approx 1200/1400/1700 yards of Worsted weight yarn. Samples shown in Patons Classic Wool Worsted (100% wool, 210 yards and Cascade 220 (100% wool, 220 yards)
5mm circular needle or size to obtain gauge in a range of lengths suitable for working center-out, such as a set of double pointed needles, 16” (40 cm), 24” (60 cm) and 36” (100 cm)
Stitch Markers
Wool Needle
24 buttons (1.25-1.5 inches)

Skills Used: Knit/purl, paired increases, working in the round center-out, buttonholes (instructions given).

Finished Measurements:
Small (Medium, Large)
Sides: 49 (54, 59)inches /124.5 (137, 150)cm
Diagonal: 69.5 (76.5, 83.5) inches /176.5 (194, 212)cm

Fit notes: Because of its simple shape, this garment will vary in fit depending on body dimensions and how you want to wear it.

Gauge: 18sts/ 24 rows per 4” using 5mm needle or size to obtain gauge. Accurate tension is not crucial for this project.

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Alright, Have you got your Scaffold READY?

Now, Let’s get started STYLING!!


Style 1: September 24th, 2014

Simple Shrug

This is perhaps the easiest way and most familiar way to make a square into a shrug: Simply button  opposite sides to create a diamond shape.  I have actually seen quite a few commercial sweaters designed this way- A square with two seams!


 Style 2: September 26th, 2014

Diamond Sweater

This configuration is similar to the first style, except you are buttoning adjacent sides, with the peaks of the square at both hands.  If you have made a large square for your body size, you may also be able to button it at the chest.


Style 3: October 1st, 2014

Easy Poncho

This is a very simple way to wear your square over a coat. Simply button half  into a tube shape and fold over the top!  I wear this configuration the most!


Here I am wearing my scaffold in the Easy Poncho configuration!  So Cosy!

Watch this page for more ways to wear your square!