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If you are a yarn producer, wholesaler or retailer, I can work with you to make your yarn sing!  I design basic beginner patterns, patterns ideal for teaching new skills, as well as patterns for intermediate to advanced knitters.  I am especially drawn to the textural aspect of lace and cables and   I strive to use the qualities of any given fiber to its best advantage.  My pattern layout is easy to follow,  can include charts and schematics as well as extra tips on topics such as following charts and blocking.

I can also create personalized commissioned pieces.  I have experience replicating old heirlooms and creating new ones that you will cherish for generations.

If you have a wonderful idea for a garment,  I can make it a reality!8631494635_4025fc5e29

Teaching and Coaching

If you own a yarn store, offering classes is an excellent way to boost your sales and keep your customers excited about the craft.    Many knitters also enjoy the opportunity to learn from a working designer.  I currently offer a library of courses geared towards the novice to expert knitter.  Learn core techniques with “Gauge 101” or jump into advance fairiles knitting with “Eeek a Steek”!   Many of my classes are built around a special project designed to teach a skill and sell your products.  If you have something specific in mind; a technique or special project;  I can build a class to suit your needs.

I can provide private and small group coaching in your own home.  This gives you the opportunity to personalize your lessons or get assistance with a challenging project.  Or perhaps you have a small group that would like a specific class from my library. Please note I teach ALL AGES and  I have extensive experience working with people with disabilities.


My patterns are available in PDF form at  Please note that all my patterns can be purchased by private user or through the Ravelry in-store sales program.  My for-sale patterns are also available at

My patterns can be purchased in print, 8 x11 on thick cardstock, at fine yarn retailers near you.  I offer wholesale pricing and sample support upon request.

Contact me for details!

Tech Editing

Are you a designer looking for pattern writing support or editing?  I have over three years experience editing for a yarn company and I am now eager to work with independent designers.  I can edit for pattern math, sizing and grading as well as comprehension and pattern flow.  I have experience editing simple garments as well as those with more complicated shaping or stitch motifs.  I can also produce charts of any kind in Stitch Mastery as well as a wide range of schematics using GIMP.  I strive to work at your pace and focus on your highest priority editing needs first.  I work at an hourly or a project-based rate.  Please contact me to discuss your needs.  I look forward to working with you!




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